COMMIT aims to prevent & dissuade vulnerable young people (13 – 35) in 4 partner countries from extremism, radicalism & terrorism. Providing them with relevant skills to co-create counter narratives challenging extremist online propaganda and alternative narratives promoting democratic values, tolerance & cooperation, and to identify & resist extremist online content.


COMMIT adopts a trans-medial approach combining online campaigning & f2f activities (workshops, contest, events).


COMMIT will also improve the capacity of university students, media professionals, CSOs, Internet companies, stakeholders(TG2) to meet the new challenges linked to extremist propaganda online & radicalisation, training them in alternative & counter narratives and their use in prevention of radicalisation through a capacity building programme.


CSOs will be empowered & encouraged to exploit their understanding of local communities & multi-stakeholder collaboration in the prevention & halting of extremism & radicalisation. Activities such as network-building & conferences & workshops will contribute.


Short-/mid-term beneficiaries: 


TG1 – young people (aged 13 – 25) including EU citizens, young people with migration background & Muslims (esp. unaccompanied minors, at risk of feeling excluded from the hosting society & often disappearing from the national systems & becoming more susceptible to radicalisation), and the young from marginalised groups (both males & females) – min. 60 directly involved in the f2f activities.

TG2 – Min. 60 involved in the capacity building programme.


Long-term beneficiaries: 


CSOs, universities, schools, public authorities & other local/international stakeholders using the COMMIT deliverables to implement similar initiatives + young people and the target audience of COMMIT campaigns against extremisms (20.000 – 200.000 views/CSL).