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4-6 years

October 2019 - August 2023

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Support line

Every day we move online through videos, pictures, posts and comments. We can have our say, listen and meet people from all over the world. Immersed in this richness and variety, we may find ourselves in situations we do not like or in which we do not feel comfortable.


We may feel attacked or involved in aggressive, violent, hateful conversations, not knowing how to behave, not being clear about how we feel after writing or reading a message or feeling bad.


We can also be victims ourselves of hate comments, or we can be reached by people or groups who want to involve us in dangerous behaviours.


Dealing with these situations alone is not easy.

If you:

  • Feel threatened by radical/extremist/terrorist groups;
  • Feel vulnerable to extreme messages;
  • Have felt directly involved in, witnessed or influenced by hate messages, hate incidents or hate crimes, online or physical;
  • Feel that someone close to you is at risk of falling victim to or being influenced in some way by hate messages or hate crimes;
  • Are willing to receive emotional support or advice about these topics;
  • Are willing to talk more about some of the contents you saw in the COMMIT campaigns…


The COMMIT Team offers you a SUPPORT LINE, with professionals (psychologists and social workers) available to talk with you.


The Service is available in Italy, Austria, Netherlands and Greece, online and via phone.


The Service is completely free and anonymous!


Reach us out!