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4-6 years

October 2019 - August 2023

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Be part of the #COMMIT Co-Creation Campaign!

A European Social Media campaign, that needs your ideas!
We are the COMMIT-Team, working together on this interactive campaign. We are working in Austria, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands towards one goal: Build a campaign, that shows what everybody can do against hate in daily life. This is a Co-Creation campaign: It’s made with young people for young people. Join us and send us your ideas, memes, pictures…!

Discover our campaigns:

Hate - A Course in 3 Lessons

Part 1: Fear and Hate Speech

why hate needs an element of fear and insecurity to work

Part 2: In-Grouping and Scapegoating

how people use in-grouping and scapegoating for their interests

Part 3: Active Bystandership

basic solutions and means of active bystandership

How can you get involved?

If you are a University Student, a Media Professional or a member of a Civil Society organisation

and want to know how to combat radicalism, extremism, populism and hate-speech. You can work with us, get in touch! 

If you are a between 13 to 35 years old

Do you want to become a part of the COMMIT Campaign? Then just get in touch with us – we are looking forward to receiving your posts, memes or ideas!

If you work for a public entity or civil society organisation

Reach out to us and join our network, to share ideas, experience and improve cooperation at the local level. 

Project Milestones

Winter 2020: End of Research phase

June 2021: Capacity Building for project’s staff, university students and civil society organisations and youth

July 2021: Launch of the campaign, start of the first sub-campaign

October / November 2021: Co-Creation workshops for young people

November 2021: Start of the second sub-campaign

March 2022: Start of the third sub-campaign